I'm Dilshan Abeygunawardana, an ​Entrepreneur and a Content Creator with over 500,000+ total followers in total on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook where I also have 2 youtube awards for my channels; Days of Dilshan and myHubLK
Also if you go through comments on my videos and posts, you will find thousands of people ( mostly teens ) who changed their whole life for good, made millions and some even overcame depression, so I like to call myself an ​Influencer too.

Further, I'm the host of one of Sri Lanka's top-rated podcasts, Dilshan's Thoughts which was recognized by USAID as the of the most influential podcast in Sri Lanka and also in the Top 10% most followed podcasts, ​globally according to Spotify. 

I have made some PC and Android games, painted some art, won 70+ awards and certificates locally including an e-Swabhimani for a computer game I made & internationally ​including 2 consecutive bronze medals from the 28th and 29th International Children’s Art Exhibition at the age of 5.

Lately, I kinda disrupted the Sri Lankan freelancing sector by introducing NFT generation through video tutorials on myHubLK and creating a wave of freelancers who brought millions of dollars to Sri Lanka.

Also, I'm one of the world's highest-ranked, highest-earned NFT freelancers in the world according to Fiverr.

Wrapping up, I am a Chaos Junkie, Sophophile who speaks my mind and one who loves to Challange myself. 

Hope you will enjoy this site. There are mini-games, puzzles, easter eggs and questions which ​will haunt you for the rest of your life.