I used to write blogs

back in 2009 i was into writing sinhala blogs, one of them is this https://diary-of-dragond.blogspot.com 
There are still some posts remaning but most of my embarrassing posts are hidden now.

Blogging in sinhala was a trend back then, I am proud to say that I am a of a pioneer in it and used to write alongside with tech giant like Kalinga ayya from TechKatha/Takas and Dhanika ayya from Bhasha/Helakuru.

and here are some posts that i wrote in the elakiri forum back in 2013

දියුනු වෙන හැටි (මගේ අත් දැකීම් වලින්)
රු 10000 ට පටන් ගන්න පුළුවන් business
දියුනු වෙන හැටි I
දියුනු වෙන හැටි II
දියුනු වෙන හැටි III
දියුනු වෙන හැටි IV
දියුනු වෙන හැටි V - youtube [ came from DOD? this is the post you are looking for ]
සිංහලුන්ට බිස්නස් ට්‍රික්ස්
ලක්ශ 5 ට තමන්ගේම බිස්නස් එකක්
අලුත් බිස්නස් ටිකක් පටන් ගත්තා ඔන්න

fyi, most of these are pretty outdated by now so I do not recommend anyone following the business instructions which I have given in these posts.

i repeat, these are Not Financial advices.