I used to write blogs

back in 2009 i was into writing blogs in sinhala, used to write them at my old blog https://diary-of-dragond.blogspot.com 
There are still some posts remaning but  most of my embarrassing posts are hidden now. 

Blogging in sinhala was a trend back in the time, I am proud to say that I am a kind of a pioneer in it and used to write alongside with tech giant like Kalinga ayya from TechKatha/ Takas and Dhanika ayya from Bhasha / Helakuru

here are some posts from my old blog

10000 ට පටන් ගන්න business
දියුනු වෙන හැටි I
දියුනු වෙන හැටි II - Computer Shop
දියුනු වෙන හැටි III - Tuition Center
දියුනු වෙන හැටි IV - Printing Shop
Penzer100 : මගේ digital පෑන
ඔන්න මමත්