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what apps?

time to time when i'm bored i develop an App or a Game. sometimes it's a Windows app and sometimes it's an Android or some other platform.

Sometimes they win an award from Eswabhimani and sometimes they get shortlisted for competitions like Zero One awards if I am bothered to type their bigass application forms and some times the get a slot on Editors choise or two. And sometime I get a face time in a National TV Channel for making such game. 
If you are bothered to check the validity of above statements go watch an old video of myHubLK, I had a showoff reel in the beginning of almost every video in 2016-2017.

Almost every Android App of mine gets suspended after few years of its release from Play Store because I stop gving a damn about them after few weeks  and forget to update the app according to thier ever updating "policies"

So in 2020 i promissed my self have a dedicate page on this site for my new apps.
You have 2 sections below, one for some Apps and Games i made before 2020, there aren't much information about them just some pictures and download links.
One of them for things I developed in 2020 and onwards and they will have a proper page for each one.

Thanks you for reading. mwah !  

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