Dilshan's Thoughts

I started Dilshan's Thoughts series as a debunking series back in 2017 on myHubLK      ( Dilshan's Thoughts series on myHubLK ), almost half of the videos are hidden deu to my hash language and I seems too aggressive. 
ah nop ! actually I started this series on Elakiri forum 2011 ( may be even before than, I found this post btw ) , I was always curiouse about Philosophy, Religion and tech stuff since I was little. My aunt gave me some very old 'Muthuhara" books and since I was not a 'outdoor person' I tend to read everytime, even when I eat.
Then I started this seperate channel called, wait for it....yes.. Dilshan's Thoughts but quickly gave up since it is really hard to record a video for 30-50 minutes, everyday.

Long story short, since I am a lazy guy I thought of starting a podcast on anchor.fm, since there is a android app I can just record an audio clip and upload by just moving few muscles, laying in the bed, naked of cource.

so the podcast was born, Here is a link. Give it a go. Thanks.

go to the freaking Podcast

ah, I almost forgot, I have a Patreon page and in their I post things that blows my mind . Go check it out if you are interested.


oi its free, just go check it out.

dominating the top charts just after 2 months of broadcasting the first episode  

thank you all for your support.