yes, you are a mass murder

yes. you let thousands of people die everyday !

do you know that at least 21,000 people die from hunger, everday ! every freaking day !!
there are thousands of charity organizations that will take your money and feed the people who are dying from hunger.
yes, you and me can save them. but you just let them die ! 
just want to remind you that you are not a good person as you think you are.
you let people die, from hunger !!! remember that when you are going to sleep today !

your income per month

You kill people per year
and people in 10 years. are you proud of yourself?

these things were taken in to consideration when the above calculations were done

1. you can survive from Rs.15,000 per month
2. Africans were given one meal of Githeri meal of corn and kidney beans per day and a well is dug for clean water
  ( cost per person per year is roughly Rs.27,000 | sources : ,
3. depreciation of value = increment of your salaray ( only applies for 10 year calculation )

donate a dollar, save a life. thanks.

Donate to CharityWater

yes, i know you didn't donate. you can't even donate a dollar to save a life. be ashamed of yourself.